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Crucial Sauces

We sell millions of bottles of these Crucial sauces in a year (Over 2 Million Bottles in 2012).
Why not make these a Crucial part of your balance sheet?

Crucial Sauces

It is a fact that Birmingham is the birthplace of hundreds of famous everyday household food names, such as HP Sauce, Cadbury’s Chocolate, Birds Custard and Typhoo Tea. Now there’s a new name to add to the list, The Crucial Sauce Company.

In 1988 Birmingham discovered the Kebab –12 years later The Crucial Sauce Company was established to supply the Fast Food Shops with a Hot Stuff Chilli Sauce. This rapidly grew into a range of over 20 varieties, including the best selling Yoghurt and Mint, Garlic Mayo, Thai Sweet Chilli and BBQ.

Crucial Sauces now adorn the counters of Chip shops, Burger Vans, Takeaways and thousands of fast food shops nationwide. In 2008 it became apparent that there would be demand for a “kitchen cupboard” 500ml size bottle. SOS and The Crucial Sauce Company launched this “pick me up and take me home” size in September 2009. Sales accelerated rapidly with an astonishing 2 million bottles sold in 15 months. The majority of these sales have been primarily through the Independent Retail Sector.

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Manuka Honey

SOS Wholesale are the sole distributors of the Active Plus Wild Flower & Manuka Honey (340g) and the hugely popular Active 10+ Manuka Pure Honey (340g), currently selling over 15,000 jars in a year.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is made by honeybees that collect nectar from the Manuka Bush native to New Zealand. This is widely known for its unique health benefits by generations of the Maori's and Aboriginals.

  • Sore Throats & Throat Infections
  • Intolerance reactions: IBS and Crohn's
  • Stomach, Bowel and Digestion conditions
  • Joint Inflammation

What are the different strengths?

Manuka Honey is graded by its activity strength - which signifies the activity level of the Honey. Generally they range from 5+ to 25+, the lower strengths of Manuka are used to support good general health and the stronger strengths 16+, 20+ and 25+ are used by those with more severe medical conditions.

How do you take Manuka Honey?

Off the spoon, on toast, breakfast cereal or yoghurt. As a warm drink, as a sweetener in tea and coffee or add 1 teaspoonful to a third of a mug of warm water and either drink it hot or cold.

Comptons Gravy Salt

Real traditional gravy, consistent everytime

People who know how to make REAL gravy know that Comptons gravy salt is a natural choice to make traditional style, tasty gravy. As Comptons gravy salt requires you to use juices from the meat, it enhances the taste, texture and colour to produce a fine tasting gravy any Sunday lunch chef would be proud of. Unlike other gravy mixes, it needs the addition of the juices from your chosen cut of meat - meaning all of that flavour and goodness is captured.

Comptons Gravy Salt

The home of the famous "Comptons Gravy Salt". as the old advertising slogan used to read "ADSUM Comptons Gravy Salt". Still manufactured to the original recipe since 1925.

Comptons gravy salt makes proper gravy - rich, tasty gravy. It always has, and the proud tradition continues to this day. We make Comptons Gravy Salt to the traditional recipe, dating back to 1925. As the old advertising slogan used to read "ADSUM Comptons Gravy Salt", you won't be disappointed with the genuine classic gravy taste of Comptons.

In an age where haute cuisine and fast food dominate two ends of the culinary spectrum, it is rewarding to know that the diners of Great Britain can still find a place for what they grew up with - good, traditional cooking with fine ingredients.

Buying Comptons gravy salt adds a real touch of flavour to your meals. It genuinely is a treat for your gravy boat! And with Comptons the only traditional gravy salt with real pedigree and tradition on the market, it is the only place to go for gravy like Granny used to make. Comptons gravy salt tastes just as good as it always has done, with over 80 years of being made in England to the same, traditional recipe. Why improve on perfection!

Unsurprisingly, the chief use of Comptons gravy salt is for making wonderful, rich-tasting gravy. But it is also great for adding a lovely smooth flavour to stews, casseroles and soups. Whatever you use it for, you'll instantly remember the fantastic flavour of what we consider to be the world's finest gravy salt. It is a name that has been on the lips of great Sunday dinner chefs for over 80 years - Comptons gravy salt.

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