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New Suppliers Wanted

Clearance lines to offer us?

Then take a look at The Residual Stock Management page!

Regular lines?

We have a supplier base in excess of 300, but we are always looking for new lines to add to our portfolio from suppliers or manufacturers large or small.

What can we offer?

There is a growing trend towards fixed price product retailing today i.e. 2 for £1, Pound-lines etc. If you have a quality product that offers value for money at a fixed price we have direct access to thousands of retailers whilst making SOS Wholesale your only delivery point! ... with prompt payment!

New idea or concept?

If you have an idea or concept for a new product and would like a route to market, why not contact us.

We have the expertise to advise you and possibly in some cases be your "Dragon's Den".

SOS Wholesale - The Distribution Solution.